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Effective date as of September 1st, 2019

The following pages set out the general terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) of Košice Fashion Week & Summit („KFW & S“), Unique Fashion Week s.r.o., Opletalova 1013/59, 110 00, Praha 1, Czech Republic. Further additional information and details about its incorporation and its legal representatives are set out in the section Contact. 


The term “User” as used hereunder refers to visitors of our events and KFW&S websites and any such users accessing our websites respectively. These Terms and Conditions are the basis for the visit of our events as well as the use of our KFW&S - websites and offers. You can also access, print, download and/or save these Terms and Conditions at any time through the following link: Terms and Conditions.


Users of KFW&S-websites and our offers and visitors of our events are subject to these Terms and Conditions, our Data Protection Regulations, and any and all other terms and regulations applicable to our KFW&S-websites, offers and events. If you continue to browse our KFW&S-websites, or register through our KFW&S-websites, or use our KFW&S-websites and offers in any other form, or visit our events, you expressly accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Counter-notifications by Users are not accepted and hereby declared invalid. Divergences from these Terms and Conditions are effective only if such divergences have been confirmed by KFW&S in writing.


We kindly asky ou to read these Terms and Conditions and our Data Protection and Privacy Terms carefully. If you do not agree to any of these Terms and Conditions or to our Data protection and Privacy terms, you should not visit our events and access or use our websites.  


Scope of the Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to our KFW&S-websites, offers and registrations for our trade fairs and other events. In this respect, the websites and offers of KFW&S must not be used for purposes that are contrary to the law or other regulations, or which would breach these Terms and Conditions. In particular, the KFW&S-websites and the associated networks must not be damaged, deactivated, overloaded or otherwise adversely affected.


Registration for Events

Registration for events of KFW&S is subject to the respective accreditation criteria set out by KFW&S. In the course of the registration process and after validation of the User’s access authorisation as trade visitor, media representative, or as otherwise in fulfilment of our respective accreditation criteria, KFW&S will send an online ticket by e-mail to the User which, in combination with proof of his valid ID, will enable the User to access the respective event. Details and prices of registrations can be seen on the relevant KFW&S-websites. Users are obliged to give correct and complete personal details as required for the registration. The transfer or circulation of tickets to third-parties is expressly prohibited.


Please note: In particular (but not only) for the purpose of protecting the exhibitors from industry espionage KFW&S reserves the right at all times (i.e. at any point between registration and the end of the respective KFW&S-event) to request appropriate proof to confirm the identity and other registration details of Users as well as to correct inaccurate entries. KFW&S furthermore reserves the right to expel a User from a KFW&S-event (i) if such User is unable or unwilling to provide the requested proof and (ii) if KFW&S reasonably suspects the User to conduct - or to intend to conduct - industry espionage at a KFW&S-event. If KFW&S expels a User in accordance with the foregoing sentence before the start of the respective KFW&S-event, the User will be refunded the already paid ticket fees subject to deduction of an administration fee of 150,- €. KFW&S reserves the right to ban any such expelled User from participating at any future KFW&S-events.



Every event visitor can order tickets for KFW&S events online via website For processing tickets ordering and sale we use our external partner K 13 – Košické kultúrne centrá príspevková organizácia,

Offers for prices and tickets are always subject to change. The ticket prices contain the respectively valid legal value added tax. In case of ordering via credit card or Paypal the payment of online-tickets is carried out by external service providers. Returns or refunds of tickets are generally excluded. Only in case an event gets cancelled, the nominal value of the ticket gets refunded. Tickets for events by KFW&S may not be resold or otherwise transferred to unauthorized third parties.


By registering for KFW&S-events the User expressly consents as follows to being contacted by KFW&S in a variety of ways (including but not limited via mail, fax, telephone, social networks, email and electronic newsletters) in order to inform the User from time to time about important or interesting topics in connection with KFW&S and associated companies, exhibitors and selected partners.



Subject to your express consent, we will send you our newsletter on a regular basis. To obtain your consent we use the so-called double opt-in method, meaning that we will only send you our newsletters if you have confirmed your consent by clicking on the respective link in an email which we will send you for these purposes. In the event that you no longer wish to receive our newsletters you can object at any time by using the deregistration link embedded in any of our newsletters or your customer account. Alternatively you can deregister by sending us any kind of text message e.g. via mail, email to any of our following contact addresses:


Mail to:
Unique Fashion Week s.r.o.
Opletalova 1013/59

110 00 Prague 1
Czech Republic

Fax to: +420 224 247 043224 247 043
Email to:



All KFW&S-websites and -offers are non-binding and can be subject to change. Any information on our websites is subject to permanent alterations and is routinely examined for actuality. KFW&S does not assume, however, any warranty as to correctness, completeness, accuracy and actuality of such information and details. KFW&S expressly reserves the right to change or delete its websites and offers in whole or in part, or temporarily or permanently discontinue the websites without any prior announcement. If an advertised event of KFW&S has to be cancelled or cannot take place, we will inform registered Users in due course provided that they have not expressly and separately objected to receiving notifications and newsletters from KFW&S. In no event, however, will KFW&S be liable for costs and expenses incurred by the Users because an event is cancelled or cannot take place. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the statutory liability applies in cases of intent and gross negligence by KFW&S. In other respects, KFW&S shall only be liable in cases of minor negligence in accordance with the German Product Liability Act and in cases of damages resulting from loss of life, physical injury or detrimental effects on health, as well as in cases of violation a key contractual obligation required to render the proper execution of the contract at all possible, and adherence to which the User can normally expect (cardinal obligations), whereby the liability is limited to damages foreseeable and typical at the time of entering into the contract. Beyond that, any liability of KFW&S is expressly excluded. This limitation on liability also applies in favour of any vicarious agents of KFW&S.


Content / Intellectual Property Rights

KFW&S and all websites of KFW&S are protected under copyright law – ©Copyright 2019 to Unique One s.r.o. and EFA Associates s.r.o. All rights reserved.


All texts, pictures, graphics, and the layout on our websites are protected by law. This applies, in particular, for trademark, patent, and related rights as well as for all other forms of intellectual property rights. It is not permitted to reproduce and/or distribute any individual content of our websites, either in part or in full and/or of complete individual pages unless this content is obviously provided for this purpose. Violations will be pursued under civil and criminal law. Any linked websites and their contents are to the full responsibility and liability of the respective operators.


Data Protection

KFW&S considers the protection of personal data extremely important. Hence, our websites and offers are in accordance with the current laws for data protection. For further information please read our Data protection and privacy terms.


Applicable Law / Place of Performance and Legal Venue

These Terms and Conditions are exclusively governed by the law of the Czech Republic, excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. The legal venue for all disputes arising from these Terms and Conditions and use of the KFW&S-websites respectively, is Prague if the contracting parties are merchants, legal entities under public law or special assets under public law, or if at least one of the contracting parties does not have a general legal venue in the Czech Republic, or if after conclusion of the agreement or notification of these Terms or Conditions the party moves its domicile or residence outside the Czech Republic, or if its domicile or residence is unknown at the time at which legal action is initiated. 


In Prague, September 1st, 2019

Unique Fashion Week, s.r.o.

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